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Whole House Water Filters

Our whole house water filters treat your water at the "point of entry" to your home (treats all the water in the home). For point of use filters (I.E. In the kitchen) please see Drinking Water Systems.

City Water Filters (For Chlorinated Water)
These whole house water filters are for water that has been chlorinated. Most municipalities chlorinate their water as is required by law. Chlorinated water has a tendency to be damaging to water softeners unless carbon filtration is used in areas where chlorine levels are high. If you can smell it noticeably, it is probably too high. A simple swimming pool tester will tell you how high it is. Let the water run for 2 minutes before testing. If chlorine is above 1.0 ppm we recommend carbon filtration for the whole house.

Well Water Filters (For Non-Chlorinated Water)
These whole house water filters are for places where the water has not been chlorinated, such as private water wells and springs. Several things are crucial to good well water applications. Testing for pH, hardness, TDS, coliform bacteria, ecoli bacteria, iron, sulfur and nitrates is strongly recommended. You can never get too many tests!

Our whole house water filters come with a five year guarantee on all parts. They are made from the highest quality products and manufacturers, and shipped right to your home. Our equipments' abilities to remove substances such as lead, arsenic, hardness, calcium, nitrates, chemicals, cysts, sulfur and iron depend on the proper application of our water treatment equipment and filtration systems. Please feel free to give us any information you may have on your water quality so we can help you determine the type of water treatment system you need at your house.

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