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Our water conditioners and water softeners for municipal (or chlorinated) water supplies use only the very best National Name Brand components and materials to filter out iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, chlorine, and other impurities. We list each item below in order from the lowest cost item to the most expensive water treatment systems. Every thing from the inexpensive in-line cartridge filters, to the complete whole house water conditioning and purification systems is high quality, and guaranteed for 5 years. All prices include shipping! 

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20 Inch inline cartridge filters (comes complete with filter inside):
Description 20 Inch Cartridge/Filter


3/4" Inlet-Outlet /5 micron Sediment filter (removes dirt and rust)

$ 55

3/4" Inlet-Outlet /Activated Carbon filter    (removes chlorine T.O.) $ 75
3/4" Dual filter (with both sediment and carbon filters included). $120

Backwashing Carbon Tanks (removes chlorine, chemicals taste and odors)
 Backwashing Carbon Tank


Fleck 5600 Valve with .75 c.f. carbon (replace 3 years) 9"x40" $475
Fleck 5600 Valve with 1.0 c.f. carbon (replace 4 years) 10"x40" $575
Fleck 5600 Valve with 1.5 c.f. carbon (replace 5 years) 10"x54" $675

Water Softeners (Electronic Timer Models)

Compare Prices! Base your water softener comparisons on what you have seen on other sites. Our prices and high quality will speak for themselves.
Fleck 5600 Valve  


Fleck 5600 Valve. 24,000 grain softening cap. $495
Fleck 5600 Valve. 32,000 grain softening cap. $595
Fleck 5600 Valve. 48,000 grain softening cap. $695

The Best water softeners available (electronic meter or "demand")
Fleck 5600 High Performance


Fleck 5600SE High Perf. Valve. 24,000 grain softening cap. $550
Fleck 5600SE High Perf. Valve. 32,000 grain softening cap. $650
Fleck 5600SE High Perf. Valve. 48,000 grain softening cap. $750

Softeners and Activated Carbon Combinations (soft water conditioner systems)


5600 Timer 32k grain softeners and 20 Inch Inline Chlorine filter $ 649
5600 SE Meter 32K w/ dual filter (20 inch sediment & carbon) $ 749
5600 SE 48K grain softeners-10"x54" Backwashing Carbon  $1199


Please note that all of our water softeners are capable of being sodium salt free water softeners. It is ok to use a water softener salt substitute such as Potassium Chloride which is environmentally friendly and is sometimes preferred when a reverse osmosis unit is not installed to remove sodium from your drinking water. Don't be fooled by makers of Magnetic water softeners. They just plain do not work. We have never found ANYONE who has seen one that has worked. Be careful of gimmicks and slick salespeople.

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Please Note: All of our water softener systems, water conditioners and water treatment systems for your home carry a five year parts warranty. For the very best in water quality add a Reverse Osmosis System from our drinking water filter pages to your full house system, and purify your drinking water again after it has passed through your pipes. For well water applications, check out our well water treatment systems softeners and conditioners. Thank you.

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