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Our counter top water filters provide bottled water quality drinking water for pennies a day! These drinking water filters and systems removes tastes, smells, chlorine, chemicals, lead, dirt and more from your tap water. It takes only seconds to install for clean water at your fingertips. Replacement filter cartridges are cheap and easy to replace. Makes a great portable drinking water filter for traveling. Great motor home or camper water filter as well. So whether you choose the economical unit with the plastic spout, or the heavy duty model featuring a chrome faucet, or our NEW counter top filter with an alarm to alert you when it is time to replace your filter, you can be assured that the water you drink is truly drinking quality water.

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Counter Top Filter With Plastic Spout $49.
Simple. Economical. Portable. Keeping this filter in your kitchen will allow you to enjoy fresh, clean water everyday, without having to purchase expensive bottled water. Or, bring this handy little unit with you anywhere: to hotels, RVs, vacation homes, and more. Ensure yourself and those you're living or traveling with that you are drinking pure, quality water.
Counter Top Filter With Plastic Spout
Counter Top Filter With Plastic Spout $59.
This heavy duty model unit is hardier and more suitable for travel than the plastic spout unit. With a long reach chrome spout, you wont have to worry about the spout breaking in your suitcase. Filters out impurities and contaminants to ensure you that you are drinking clean, healthy water.
Counter Top Filter With Chrome Spout

NEW! Counter Top Drinking Water Filter With Filter Replacement Alarm! New Unit With Filter Replacement Alarm $99.
Our very best Counter Top Filter. This beautiful heavy duty counter top water filter features a stylish digital display, and an automatic ALARM to tell you when a replacement filter is necessary. Never worry again about whether your filter is still working effectively. Installation is a snap. Perfect for the Motor Home, the Traveling Professional, or for the Apartment Dweller. Despite its additional features, this unit is still portable. It is a steal at only $99!

Call 1-866-430-7785 For Orders Or Questions

Please note: Our standard filter that comes with this unit is an activated carbon filter rated for lead, organics and VOC removal. We have a number of different filters for different substance removal. This unit removes chlorine, lead, chemicals, smells, tastes, dirt and many more substances. All counter top water filters come complete with a 2 year warranty on all hardware.

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